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Integrate PayTrace For Developers
Integrate PayTrace For Developers

Integrate Paytrace for secure online payments. Streamline setup from start to finish with Omnify.

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Streamlined Payment Processing: Integrating PayTrace with Omnify

In today's digital age, businesses strive to offer convenient and secure payment processing solutions to their customers. One such way is by integrating payment gateways like PayTrace with versatile platforms like Omnify. In this article, we'll delve into the requirements, workflow, and benefits of integrating PayTrace with Omnify to streamline payment processing and enhance the overall customer experience.

Step 1: Gathering Your Credentials

Before diving into the integration process, you'll need to ensure you have the necessary credentials from both your PayTrace and Omnify accounts:

Production Account (For Live Transactions):

PayTrace API Username
PayTrace API Password

Sandbox Account (For Testing):

PayTrace API Username
PayTrace API Password

Additionally, you will need to set up Omnify's Integrator ID (Integrator ID: 9Y2302ne2ZVS) in your PayTrace account. This crucial step ensures seamless communication between the two platforms. Share this Integrator ID with PayTrace to establish the connection.

Step 2: Integration Workflow

The integration process involves a series of secure steps to ensure the smooth flow of payment data between Omnify and PayTrace. Here's a breakdown of the workflow:

PayTrace API Authentication:

To establish secure access to PayTrace services, Omnify uses OAuth 2.0 for API authentication. This process involves exchanging your PayTrace API username and password for an access token (Bearer token). This token grants Omnify access to PayTrace services on your behalf and is securely stored in the Omnify database. Notably, the access token has a two-hour expiration period, but Omnify will automatically regenerate it as needed using your API credentials.

PayTrace API Authorization:

Every API call made by Omnify on your behalf includes the Bearer access token in the header for authorization. This token, obtained during the authentication process, validates and authenticates each API request to ensure secure transactions.

Customer Card Details:

PayTrace prioritizes security by employing a Client-side Encryption Library. This library encrypts sensitive payment information directly within the user's web browser using the PayTrace JavaScript Encryption Library. This ensures that neither Omnify nor any integrators have access to the original sensitive data. To utilize this library, you'll need to submit a .pem file via the Omnify dashboard, containing an encrypted public key generated by PayTrace.

Rest assured, Omnify will not have access to any private keys during this process, enhancing data security.

PayTrace Protect.js:

PayTrace Protect.js further protects customer card details during data collection. It uses an iframe to create PayTrace-hosted fields, guaranteeing that sensitive payment information is entered directly into PayTrace. This setup ensures that your server never handles sensitive data. After capturing the data, Protect.js returns a one-time-use hpf_token (nonce) and enc_key, enabling transaction processing via an API request.

Like before, Omnify will not store or access customer card details at any point during this process.

Business Store to PayTrace Transactions Via Omnify:

All end customer transactions, including card details and bookings, are securely held on the service store review booking page. PayTrace's Client-side Encryption Library and Protect.js facilitate this process. Omnify generates a unique customer ID for each booking, which, along with the Integrator ID, is sent to PayTrace via a secured API call, using the access token generated for your business. You can conveniently view transaction details in both the PayTrace and Omnify dashboards.

Refunds with PayTrace via Omnify:

Omnify simplifies the refund process by offering two methods:

Refund based on the customer: This option allows you to refund a specific amount to the customer, and it can be performed multiple times.

Refund based on the transaction: This method refunds the entire transaction amount.


By integrating PayTrace with Omnify, businesses can offer their customers a secure and seamless payment experience. The robust authentication and authorization processes, coupled with enhanced data security measures, ensure that sensitive payment information remains protected throughout the transaction journey. If you have any questions or need further information, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to assist you in harnessing the power of this integration to elevate your payment processing capabilities.

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