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How to add breaks?
How to add breaks?

Add Breaks to your services for upcoming holidays or if you have scheduled maintenance or you and your trainers are not available.

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Create breaks to block off dates based on your availability. Breaks ensure that the services within the chosen time period are taken off from the service store and are unavailable for booking.

Breaks can be applied to all or some services as per your requirement. Multiple breaks can be added for the same duration for different services.

Dashboard > Settings > Breaks > Create new break

Breaks on All Services-

Now you can add breaks and apply to all the services for a date range. You can add a description for the break in the "Note to Clients" field which would be shown to your clients in the Service Store under the schedules for those dates added as Breaks.

Breaks on Selected Services-

Breaks can be applied to few services which you want to restrict booking for a given date or date range, but wish to open bookings for the rest of the services.

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