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Not able to change the start date of a class
Not able to change the start date of a class

Here's how to troubleshoot Class Start Date Changes in Omnify. Explore solutions to encounter issues changing the start date of a class.

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"Why am I not able to change the start date of a class?"

This is a frequently asked question


Once you have created a class, the system doesn't allow you to change the start date. The main reason being that the schedules get created as soon as a class is created.

Now in order to change the start date, you have two options:

1. Delete the class and create a new one. You can do that by cloning.

  • Now, scroll down and edit the Start date.

  • Click on Edit and Save.

  • You can now delete the older class and rename the new one to the original one.

2. If you want to postpone or defer the start date, you can also choose to cancel the prior schedules.

  • Confirm and your schedule is deleted.

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