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Why is the Trainer's name not getting updated in the Class schedule & Auto-Emails?
Why is the Trainer's name not getting updated in the Class schedule & Auto-Emails?
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How to change the Trainer's name from the class schedule and auto-emails?

"I have changed the trainer's name in my class why is it not showing up on my schedules and auto-emails?"

This is a frequently asked question.


While you create a class, your booking window determines the upcoming class schedules.

That means whatever changes you have made while creating the class can't be changed as all the schedules for that particular period are already created.

So if you are trying to change the name of the trainer, time, or maximum capacity, it will be reflected only on the next batch of class schedules that will be created after the changes you've made.

Let me explain this in detail:

  • You've created a class that "starts on 27th May 2020" and you have set "bookings open 1 week prior".

  • If today's date is 20th May 2020, that means booking has open and the first schedule for this class is already created on 27th May 2020.

  • Now if I go and edit this class and change the trainer,

the already created schedule will remain unchanged but it will reflect on the newly created ones i.e 28th May 2020 onwards as these schedules were not created before we made the changes.



Now, if you want to change the trainer for already created class schedules you will have to do it from the Class Calendar.

Here's how you can do it:

2. Select the schedule that you want to edit

3. The changes will then reflect in the schedules as well as auto-emails

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