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Notification Emails
Notification Emails

Use notification emails to deliver all your notifications to a secondary mailbox or to a specific team member.

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How do Notification Emails Work?

Deliver all your communications to a specific mailbox with the notification emails. Want to ensure all communications go to a shared mailbox? Redirect using the notification emails to make sure all your notifications are in one place.

Notification emails can be added from the dashboard under settings > team and communications > notifications.
Simply choose & add from a list of active team members on the drop down. You can also choose multiple inboxes to deliver notifications. Ensure no notification is missed out, stay up to date on your business. You can even decide what notifications you want to receive on the selected email ID's.

Please note:

  1. The drop down would only show the mailboxes of users which are added as team members. To add a new mailbox add the email ID as a team member to view the email in the drop down popup.

  2. The business owner would receive all notifications by default on the email ID registered as "Owner". These email delivery settings cannot be changed.

  3. For all schedules and services, the trainer linked to the service will be notified by default through email. These email delivery settings cannot be changed.

At any given time, you can add or remove notification emails for a user.

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