Download the plugin from WordPress

You can Integrate the Omnify plugin with WordPress by following the steps given below.

  1. Download the plugin from

  2. Activate the plugin from the WordPress dashboard

What can you do with the plugin?

Once the plugin has been integrated, you will have to enter your access token to get started. You can get the access token from your Omnify dashboard.

Dashboard> Settings> Integrations

Click on the WordPress icon bar and copy the token

Inserting the Access token in your WordPress Dashboard?

Once you have copied the access token, now go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Settings. It will ask you to paste the access token inside a text box.

Paste the access token and hit the Submit button

Now, get those iframes and buttons on your Website

You are almost done. Now, you can create the iframes and buttons and embed them inside your WordPress page. The Omnify plugin lets you make widgets that you can place on any website or blog. There are two types of widgets that can be made.

  1. The button widgets can be used for making 'Book Now' buttons for classes, facilities, or appointments. The button name and color can be customized to make them blend in perfectly with the web page

2. You can also create Iframe widgets. The Iframe widget can be customized with the content you want to be seen and size.

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