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How to set up recurring Class packs?
How to set up recurring Class packs?
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Recurring Classpack

Say, you are selling 4 classes for $39 that are valid for a duration of 1 month and you want this to be recurring every month.

To set this up, you will first need to create a Class Pack.

There are two scenarios while selecting this Class Pack:

First, you need to select if you want to-

a) Map only one particular class to the class pack or

b) Map few selected classes to the class pack or

c) Make it Universal, that is any Classes that you offer can be booked via this Class Pack

Second, you can give your customers any of the two options-

*Option to select the class schedules after they have booked the Class pack (Mandatory if option b and c are chosen from above) or

*Auto-book them straight to the relevant classes. This is available only if you map it to one particular Class i.e. option a from above

Setting up a Class Pack:


Autopay i.e. recurring every month setting is auto-enabled. Clients can choose to not Auto-Pay if they switch off the Auto-Pay option during check-out.

Auto-Pay will recur depending on the duration you have set for the credits to expire during set-up.

What happens when there is unused credit?

If there are unused credits, the credits do not automatically roll over. They are expired.

Now, if you want to give your client the ability to still use that unused credit, what you can do is extend the class pack for that client. That means extending the date so that the credits are still usable.

This is how you can do that:

Once you extend the expiry date, the customer will be able to book the remaining unused credits

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