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How to use Classpack for Unlimited Class access?
How to use Classpack for Unlimited Class access?
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Access Classpack for Unlimited Classes

The Class Pack feature can be used to give your customers Unlimited Access to Classes.

You can create such a class pack with the following steps:

  1. Firstly, you would have to get to the class packs page from the services section

  2. On the class packs page, click on the Create Class Pack button

  3. Enter the name of the class pack

  4. Enter the description for the class pack

  5. Select the class pack type as ‘Ongoing Classpack’

  6. Set the number of credits available for the class pack. Make sure you set it as a high number so that the customers don’t run out of credits

  7. Set the time period validity of the class pack

  8. Select the auto book option if you want the customers to be auto booked to classes

  9. Set the class pack as a universal class pack. This is done to ensure that the customer has access to all the classes

  10. Enter the limit of maximum clients that can book the class pack

  11. In the advanced settings, you can have a family sharing option and set filters for the class pack

  12. Create the class pack

If you want these unlimited access classpacks to act as a membership, you can change the wordings of 'classpacks’ from your service store setup section under "Settings" to ‘memberships’


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