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How to use cloud POS to make bookings?
How to use cloud POS to make bookings?
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How to use cloud POS to make bookings?

  • Go to Dashboard

  • Click on Front desk and then on Bookings

  • Click on the Add Client Button on the Top Right of the page

  • Select the Payer- The Customer who will be paying for the service. If the customer is not added, add them by clicking on the Add Payee Button

  • Select the Specific Service Type you want to book from the Tab (example: Class, Class Pack, Facility)

  • Select the particular service you want to book and fill in all the details

  • Select the Attendee- The Attendee is the person who will be attending

  • Click on Add to Cart

  • Add Discounts or Any additional charges to the Cart from the Dropdown

  • Payment mode:

a) Online: By Default, this option is chosen. If this option is chosen, then a payment link will be sent to the payer to confirm the booking. Till then the booking will show as pending

b) Offline: If you choose the payment mode as offline (by switching the button from green to grey), you have to select whether the booking was done by Cash, Check, or any other means

  • Review the Total Amount and click on the Total Amount Button

  • Booking is Confirmed

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