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How to set External SKU ID?
How to set External SKU ID?

"Enhance Service Tracking with External SKU Codes: Streamline Operations and Improve Search Functionality"

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An External SKU Code is a unique identifier assigned to each service, such as classes, class packs, parties, and products, within our booking platform.By providing a distinct identifier, it helps prevent confusion arising from services with similar names. The feature enhances search functionality, ensuring streamlined operations, and enables business admins to quickly locate and access specific services on the Omnify dashboard.
Steps to setup External SKU PU:

  • Navigate to the Service section.

  • Create a new Service (Class, Class Packs, or Party).

  • Enter all the necessary details for the service.

  • Under Additional Setting add the External SKU ID.

  • Publish the service.

  • Find the specific service by entering the provided code into the search bar within the services section.

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