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How to set up Programs?
How to set up Programs?

"Introducing Omnify Programs: Simplifying Business Management with Seamless Class and Pack Creation Altogether!"

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Programs allow users to streamline the creation of recurring class packs and individual classes within a single form. This feature simplifies business management by enabling users to package courses, directly into a recurring course pack without the need for separate class creation and linking.
To create a program:​

  • Navigate to Create Service > Programs.

  • Provide basic details such as Program name, SKU Code, description, and image.

  • Specify location, trainers, and schedule recurrence.

  • Define program pricing, time, and attendee limit.

  • Under Packaging and pricing utilize the optional feature for Drop-in classes, including details and toggle On for visibility on the service store.

  • Under Enrollment & Bookings choose between skipping autobook for same-day scheduled classes or including them.

  • Set the program start date, booking window, cancellation rules, and attach filters if necessary.

  • You can also enable pre-launch settings by making the program bookable or non-bookable.

  • Publish to make it active.

Please reach out to If you have any doubts.

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