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How to set up Family discounts?
How to set up Family discounts?

"Unlock Savings for the Whole Family: Introducing our Exclusive Family Discount!"

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Family discounts are special pricing extended to multiple family members of a payer when they purchase services collectively. It will be reflected on the checkout page when booking is done through the service store.​

  • Navigate to the dashboard and access the "Discounts" section.

  • Create a discount coupon with tailored details.

  • From the "Applies" section select "only on subscription services"(similar for classpack and membership) and customise accordingly if it needs to be across all subscriptions or a specific subscription.

  • Next on the customer eligibility section, select - Booking with the business for the first time (Leads)

  • There will be two options given - 

    • Apply only to the payer booking the "Nth" subscription for themselves.

    • Apply only to a family member booking for the "Nth" subscription.

    Note - This option is only valid if the payer/parent has already purchased the subscription.

  • Toggle on "Enable Auto-Apply Discounts on billing when condition is met" to automatically apply the discounts.

  • Set the Expiry date for the discount code and redemption rules.

  • Save to complete family discount set-up.

If the "Auto-Apply Discounts on billing when condition is met" option is selected, discounts will be automatically applied on the checkout page when the specified conditions are met, as demonstrated below:

Note: The process for both Classpack and membership subscriptions follows similar steps; the only distinction lies in selecting the services according to each subscription type.

Please reach out to If you have any doubts.

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