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How to set up Recurring discounts?
How to set up Recurring discounts?

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Recurring discounts are designed to automatically apply a designated discount solely during subscription renewals.

  • Navigate to the dashboard and access the "Discounts" section.

  • Create a discount coupon with tailored details.

  • Before deciding whether to apply the discount universally or to specific services, activate the recurring discount toggle.

  • Toggle on "Enable Auto-Apply Discounts on Subscription" and select "Allow Recurring Discounts on Renewal."

  • You'll be presented with two options:

    • Apply the discount to every auto-renewal until the end user cancels the subscription.

    • Apply the discount to a specific number ("N") of auto-renewal billings.

  • After selecting your preferred option, proceed to fill in the details for other settings, then save to create the discount.

  • Once a recurring discount is set up, it will be automatically applied to bookings.

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