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ClassPack Reservation
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Reservation for Autobook Classpack

The reservation system for autobook classpack automatically reserves classes for future renewals until clients cancel their subscriptions. Reservations are automatically aligned with the class pack renewal frequency and bookings are confirmed once payments are successful.

How to check reserved slots for advance dates:

  • Navigate to the calendar section and opt for the class calendar.

  • Apply any necessary filters to narrow down the services.

  • Locate and click on the class linked to the autobook classpack.

  • In the overview, you'll find a roster of attendees.

  • Within this roster, there are three sections: confirmed attendees, cancelled attendees and reserved attendees list.

If auto-renewal fails or a class pack is cancelled, reserved spots become available again, and waitlists are notified, ensuring maximum class participation.

Please reach out to If you have any doubts.

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