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How to link classes with facility?
How to link classes with facility?

Simplify scheduling and maximize efficiency for businesses running classes and renting facilities concurrently.

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Steps to follow:

By linking classes with specific facilities, this feature ensures no overlap, effectively blocking off the facility during class times while allowing other time slots for rental and seamlessly managing their operations.

  • When setting up new classes, you have the option to link them with a facility.

  • Activate the option "If Class Schedule overlaps, block corresponding facility slots."

  • Select the specific facility you wish to associate with the class.

  • The time slots of the chosen facility that align with the class timings will be reserved.

  • These reserved facility slots will not be open for individual bookings as they are now linked with the classes.

    Custom Recurrence with Facility linked with classes:

  • If custom recurrence is enabled, such as Sundays from 7 to 8 am and 9 to 10 am, and Wednesdays from 6 to 7 am and 8 to 9 am, these specific time slots will also be blocked in the linked facility.

  • Regardless of individual bookings, these reserved slots will remain unavailable for other activities.

When clients attempt to book slots in that facility, the timings corresponding to these classes will be unavailable for booking.

Linking Multiple Classes to one Facility

  • When linking multiple classes to one facility, such as beginner and advanced tennis classes on the same court,

  • If the class timings overlap, the facility will be linked to the first class, blocking its schedule.

  • The conflicting class will then become unbookable.

Note: The booking window for both the class and the linked facility must align.

If the facility is in Break or Unblocked:

  • The linked class schedule will be inaccessible and won't display in the service store or Calendar.

  • If you unblock the facility through the calendar for a time slot that's blocked for a particular class, that class will become unbookable.

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