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Autobook with Class Packs for multiple schedules
Autobook with Class Packs for multiple schedules

Simplify Management: Effortlessly Coordinate Multiple Schedules for Autobook Classpacks

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How to use Autobook with Class Packs for multiple schedules?

Enabling autobook to class packs helps your clients easily book all the classes bundled together in a particular class pack.

How does it work with multiple schedules?

When you activate autobook for your class packs, you'll encounter two options:

  • Autobook the first schedule occurrence - Enabling this will automatically book the first available schedule within that class pack.

    Note: If the initial slot is unavailable, it will automatically book the next available slot. For instance, if clients are booking a class pack with schedules at 6 am and 9 am on Mondays, and the 6 am slot is unavailable, they will be booked for the 9 am schedule automatically.

  • Autobook all available schedules - Enabling this will book all available schedules for the classes within a class pack.

Note: Daylight saving time adjustments in your class schedule timings will remain consistent and unaffected by changes in the mentioned timezone.

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