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Multiple Schedules and Custom Recurrence
Multiple Schedules and Custom Recurrence

Efficient Scheduling Made Easy with Multiple Schedules and Custom Recurrence

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How to set up multiple schedules?

  • Access the Class Schedule section within the service edit page and configure the Recurrence settings.

  • Specify the timing for the schedule and define the start and end dates for a particular schedule.

  • Use the "+" option to add more schedules for the day, entering timings for each additional schedule as needed.

  • Note that a maximum of six schedules can be set for any given day and multiple schedules are applicable only for Classes.

For Daily Recurrence: Set up the start and end times of the schedule for a day.

Similarly, set up for:

Every weekday: Set up multiple schedules for weekdays only.
Every Weekend: Set up Multiple schedules for weekends only.

For Custom days of the week: Select certain days of the week and establish multiple schedules for each selected day.

How to set up Custom Recurrence?

  • Access to the service edit page.

  • Navigate to the "Class Schedule" section.

  • Within the class schedule settings, select "Custom Recurrence."

  • Adjust the frequency and number of schedules as desired and set the timing for each schedule accordingly.

This feature seamlessly merges up to 6 schedules within one service on the same day.

This is how this setting will reflect on your service store -

Setting up the Booking Window

In the past, you had the option to determine the start and end times for booking a specific class. However, the current functionality allows you to determine the duration for which the booking remains accessible.

This feature is helpful if you’re launching a long course and your clients can make bookings for a longer duration.

Note: Daylight saving time adjustments in your class schedule timings will remain consistent and unaffected by changes in the mentioned timezone.

Please reach out to If you have any doubts.

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