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How to export data from the Data Centre?
How to export data from the Data Centre?

A Comprehensive Guide to effortlessly Access Bookings, Clients, Check-In, Sales Data and moreover from a Single Source

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How to export data from the Data Centre?

Effective comprehension of your business performance hinges on the analysis of data, offering insights into revenue, bookings, and client behaviours.
With the new face, our export capabilities have been significantly enhanced, featuring structured columns, the incorporation of custom fields, and additional functionalities.

Users now have the added flexibility of utilizing filters to export precisely targeted data, ensuring access to the specific information they seek from one stop instead of jumbling from one page to another.

How to access data?

Navigate to the Omnify dashboard and locate the "Data Center" option in the left side panel to access the exports page. From the dashboard, you have direct access to a wide range of data.

In this section, you will find:

The ability to export specific reports by selecting date ranges and applying filters:

  • Sales Report: Download transaction history by status.

  • Bookings Report: Retrieve your booking history by Service Type and Name.

  • Subscriptions Report: Retrieve your Class Pack and Membership History based on their Service Type and Status.

  • Clients Report: Download comprehensive data for each client based on their specified status.

  • Check-in Report: Keep track of present and absent attendees of each service.

  • Walk-ins Report: Retrieve the records of individuals who attended without making a prior booking and possess a membership.

How to Import Data to the Omnify Platform? 

For businesses looking to import their client's data, Omnify provides a convenient solution. Within the "Imports" tab:

  • Download the provided template, fill in client details, and map them as needed.

  • Invite clients to access their dashboards by initiating the process with welcome emails.

How to Export Data from the Omnify Platform?

Gain access to extensive details regarding the requested report by downloading your selected exports in XLSX or CSV format directly from the exports tab.

Please reach out to If you have any doubts.

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