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Switching Stores - Multiple business accounts
Switching Stores - Multiple business accounts

Effortlessly manage multiple stores under one email address by switching stores. With Omnify navigate between business accounts easily!

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How to switch stores?

Switching stores with Omnify is a convenient and efficient process that allows businesses with multiple physical locations or online storefronts to manage their operations seamlessly. Whether you are running an e-commerce business with different online stores or managing retail outlets across various locations, Omnify provides the tools to effortlessly switch between your stores. In this article, we'll explore how businesses can easily navigate between their different stores using Omnify.

1. Login - Login to your account

2. Open your Profile - Click on your account in the top right corner to open your profile settings.

3. Click on "Switch Stores". Once you click on it you will be presented with a model as shown below.

4. Select the business you would like to proceed with.

Here's a GIF of how it's done!

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