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How to Translate Service Store using Weglot?
How to Translate Service Store using Weglot?
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Translate Service Store using Weglot

  • Omnify Service Store can be translated into any language using Weglot in 3 mins.

  • In-service store, Words such as home, schedules, filter, apply, and powered by are in English but they can't be translated from the Global Wording Section.

  • With Weglot, Omnify service store (front end) can be translated into any local language starting from 10 euros per month (

  • If the page speed is good, we can use it for dashboard / back end language translation.

  • It should solve both front end and back end language translation.

Here are the pre-requisites for translating your service store to a language of your choosing:

  • Sign up for a Weglot subscription.

  • Link Google Tag Manager to your service store. Guide.

Once the above steps are done, you can translate your service store to a language of your choosing by following the steps below:

  • Weglot

    • Sign up / Log in to your Weglot dashboard.

    • Go to Projects > Create

    • Enter a Project Name of your choosing

    • Select Website Technology > Others

    • Click ‘Next’

    • On the next page, click on Step 1 - Setup

    • Scroll down and click on ‘Use Javascript Integration’

    • Once the page refreshes, scroll down and choose Original Language as ‘English’ and Translated Language as per your requirement.

    • Click ‘Next’

    • From Step 2 - Add Weglot Snippet, Copy the javascript code by using the button on the right

  • Google Tag Manager

    • Go to your Google Tag Manager Dashboard and click on your service store URL.

    • On the next screen, On the ‘Workspace’ tab, Click on ‘Tags’ in the left section.

    • In the ‘Tags’ section, click on ‘New’

    • Rename ‘Untitled Tag’ to ‘Weglot’

    • Click on the tag icon in ‘Tag Configuration’ to choose tag type.

    • Search for ‘Custom HTML’ in the search box.

    • In the HTML box, Paste the javascript code copied from Weglot. Make sure the copied text starts at Line 1 with zero spaces.

    • Scroll down to the next section, ‘Triggering’ and click on the link icon.

    • Select ‘All Pages’

    • Click on ‘Save’

    • In the ‘Tags’ screen, click on ‘Submit’

    • Enter the Version Name as ‘Weglot On’ and click Publish.

    • Go back to the ‘Workspace’ tab on Google Tag Manager

  • Omnify Dashboard

    • Copy the Code to the left of the ‘Preview’ and ‘Submit’ button starting with GTM-XXXXXXX

    • Go to your Service Store Dashboard > Settings > Service Store > Custom Code.

    • Paste the code into the Google Tag Manager field, click ‘Save’

    • Click on ‘Visit Service Store’ and the service store should now be translated.

  • A pop up will appear in the bottom right corner of your service store. You can use this pop-up to quick-translate your store between English <-> Your chosen language.

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