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Classes: Overview

"Streamline Class Scheduling: Elevate Client Experience with Multi-Day Class Options"

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Functionalities of Classes

Classes are recurring sessions for groups that cover different courses such as Yoga, Pilates, Music, Cooking, Arts, etc. With Omnify, you can use Classes to be set up daily or as recurring sessions. You can create a class and customize the various aspects of the class.

Steps to set up classes:

  • Navigate to the Dashboard and select Services.

  • Click on the "Create a Service" button and choose classes.

  • Start with the Basic Details section:

    Enter the Class title, description, and image.

  • In the Class details section, provide more information such as:

    Location, trainer (single or multiple), price, and maximum number of attendees.

    Choose whether to sell classes individually or as part of packages.

  • Fill in the class schedule with days, dates, and times available, including recurrence options for multiple days and timings.

  • Set booking windows to define when users can book the service.

  • In the Additional Settings section:

    Decide if the class is refundable and add any customizations.

    Use filters and advanced settings if necessary.

    Include email instructions if needed, which will be sent to clients after booking.

  • Finally, decide whether to publish the class as visible to the public or keep it private.

Please reach out to If you have any doubts.

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