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Create schedules on your class calendar using classes which can run on multiple days. Elevate Class Management for better client experience.

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Functionalities of Classes

Dashboard > Services > Create a Service > Classes

Classes are recurring sessions for groups that cover different courses such as Yoga, Pilates, Music, Cooking, Arts, etc. With Omnify, you can use Classes to be set up daily or as recurring sessions. You can create a class and customize the various aspects of the class.


  1. Go to Dashboard, click on Services.

  2. Click on Create a service button and select classes.

On the class creation page, start with the Basic Details section:

  1. Class Title: Enter the name of the Class ( Example: Hatha Yoga Class | Mon, Wed | 9 AM)

  2. Class Description: Enter a Description for the Class

  3. Class Color: Pick a color that will be associated with this class on the service store as well as the class calendar for easier identification by users.

  4. Class Image: Upload an image here which will be displayed to end users on the service store with this class.

Next, we move on to Class Details section:

  1. Add Location: (Offline/Online URL/Zoom)
    In-person: You can enter the address/venue of the class and it will be linked to Google Maps
    Online URL: You can enter the URL of the online class and the attendees will receive it via email
    Online with Zoom: You can link one or multiple trainer accounts with Omnify if you’re using Zoom to conduct classes and choose the account here.

  2. Add Trainer: If the Trainer is already added, select the Trainer from the dropdown. If not, then click on Add Trainer.
    You can choose which trainer will be teaching the class. You do not need to associate a filter tag to this as this section already has tags on your service store.

  3. Sell Class Individually: There are two options here-
    a) If this Class can be booked by Class packs only
    Flip the toggle switch to "Off". This will mean that this Class can only be booked if the Customer purchases a Class Pack. It can't be sold individually
    b) If this Class can be booked without Class packs (as well)
    Maintain the toggle switch as "On". Choose if the class is “Free” or “Paid” and enter the price per class.
    PS - This allows you to sell the class with or without a class pack.

  4. Attendee Limit: Set the maximum number of attendees that can book/attend the class.

  5. Show availability of remaining slots on service store: Clients can see the number of seats left for a particular class while making a booking.

Let’s get to the Class Schedule section:

  1. Days of the week: You can choose between weekends, weekdays, daily and custom recurrence schedules. If custom, choose the days you want the classes to recur on.

  2. Start Date: Choose between Today or a specific date from the calendar.

  3. End Date: Choose between Never or a specific date from the calendar.

  4. Start & End Time: Choose the start and end times for the class.

Next, we move on to the Booking Window section:

  1. Booking Window Opens: Select how early bookings for this class will open for users.

  2. Booking Window Closes: Select when bookings for this class will close for users (Before class starts, Before class ends or Custom)

We arrive at the last section, Additional Settings:

  1. Class is Refundable:
    If switched off, the user is not refunded in case they cancel their booking.
    If switched on, the user is refunded (Fully/partially) based on the cancellation window selected here.

  2. Filters: You can use tags to associate the class with the particular filter(s) on your service store, making it easier for your clients to find the service they’re looking for.

  3. Advanced Cancellation Settings:
    a) Apply Late Cancellation Rules (Available only with Stripe): If someone cancels later than the specific cancellation period, you can choose to refund the credit and charge them a certain amount.
    b) No show (Available only with Stripe): You can charge your customers for a no-show. This will be determined if a customer has checked in or not.
    Note - Refund of credits is done automatically. However, you will have to refund the price amount via Stripe/PayPal Dashboard manually for all cancellations.

  4. Add Email Instructions: You can enter additional information about this class/booking which will be sent to the client along with the booking confirmation email.

Finally, you can choose to either:

a) Save this class as draft if you’re not ready to publish yet; OR

b) Publish this class as visible to Public or Private.

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