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Check out our guide to creating alternative payment methods like Wire Transfers for your business with Omnify's custom payment feature.

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How to use Custom payment?


You can use the custom payment option if -

a) Omnify doesn't have a supported payment gateway in your country

b) If you want your customers to make a Wire transfer or pay by other means

How to use this-

1. Go to Dashboard and click on Settings

2. Click on Payment Gateway

3. On the page, click on the Select Payment Gateway Button,

4. Select Custom Payment as your Payment Gateway and Click on Save

5. Once you hit save, you'll see a box with Wire Transfer heading. Add instructions and click on Save

Now, whenever a Booking is made, via web or Frontdesk, your customer will be able to reserve a slot. They will then receive an email with the instructions.

7. You will see the Booking item on the Frontdesk> Bookings page. It will show as pending.

8. As you receive the payment, you can mark it paid by clicking on the invoice and switching the Mark as paid option

8. Once you confirm the payment, the customer will receive the Invoice via email

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