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Creation of Discount Benefit
Creation of Discount Benefit

Here's how to provide discounts to a linked membership, enhancing service offerings & provide attractive pricing options to clients.

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How to create a Discount Benefit?

With this benefit type, you can provide services at discounted prices to members who buy the linked membership.

  • Go to Dashboard>>Settings>>Member Benefits

  • Click on the Create New Benefits button

  • Select the Discount Benefit button

  • You can add a name to the benefit

  • Next, you have to link the Benefit to a Membership

  • You can select which services this benefit applies to, you can have this benefit apply to all the services in your service store or you can have specific services this member benefit applies to

  • Configure the discount-

    • You can have two types of discount types, Percent and Fixed Amount

    • You can assign a percent value or set a fixed amount for the discount

    • You can cap the maximum amount of the discount for the Percent type discount

    • Also, a minimum purchase amount can be set in order to avail the Member Benefit

    • Redemption Rules can be set for the discount you can define how you want your clients to use discounts. You can limit the total no. of redemptions; redemptions per user; or a combination of both.

  • Save it for the members benefit to apply

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