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How to set-up Omnify for Pool Reservations?
How to set-up Omnify for Pool Reservations?
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How do you create a safe swim environment with the threat of COVID-19 with Omnify?

  1. Establish a new maximum number of people allowed in the pool facility at one time.

  2. Set up blocks of pool time for people to reserve.

  3. Establish a disinfecting schedule.

  4. Establish a reservation method. 

How to set-up Omnify?

  1. Sign-up to Omnify using this link-

  2. Create your account by filling up the details

  3. Once you have created your account, you’ll receive an email from Omnify asking you to Verify your Email.

  4. Once you’ve verified your email, you will be redirected to the Subscription page where you will be asked to select a plan to proceed.

  5. Once you make the payment, your account is created successfully 🎉

Know more about the pricing here-

Getting Started

You can get started by watching this Tutorial Video 📹


Refer below for step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to Dashboard> Services

2. Click on Classes and then click on the Create Classes button

3. Fill up the following details for the pool

  • Name of the Class: Enter the name of the Pool/Space eg: Outdoor Pool 

  • Enter Class Description: Enter the description about the Pool/Space

  • Location: Enter the address

  • Add New Trainer: Enter the name of the instructor. If none, you can just create a generic account  eg: Portland Swim Centre Team

  • Add cover photo: Add a picture for the pool

  • Enter Class Schedule: Add the slot timings

Eg. 9AM:10AM
Opens Monday to Sunday
Opens 30 May 2020 or today (immediately)
Closes Never or enter a custom date

  • Add Pricing Details: Set it as $0 if you are not taking payments for booking

  • Maximum attendees per class: This will only allow a certain number of people to book this slot 

  • Booking for each class opens: This will ensure a person can make a booking only before a certain time period. Eg: 1 month or 1 week

  • Add Cancellation Policy: Set the cancelation and refund policies as per your terms and conditions.

  • Click Create Class Button and you’re done!

4. You can then clone this class and repeat the same for all the slots.

5. Now go to Settings and Click on Service Store.

You can make changes to make on your service store or reservation website.

6. If you want to take payments, go to Dashboard>Settings> Payments. Skip this step if you do not want to take online payments.

7. Invite your staff or team members to your Omnify account by going to Dashboard>Settings>Team Access.

8. Your service store or the reservation website is Live! Click on the Visit Service Store link to view the site.

9. You can now start sharing your reservation site with your members 🚀

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