Auto renewal ensures clients are re-booked into the services of their choice once the duration of the current service expires automatically. The card on file is charged and the clients is able to renew without making a new booking.

Auto emails ensure reminder emails are sent out to subscribed clients 24 hours before the renewal takes place. Once a auto renewal takes place, the business and the client receives an email upon successful renewal. If the renewal fails the both business and clients is sent an automatic reminder email of the renewal failure.

To add or remove a client from auto renew. Go to the frontdesk > Subscriptions tab, from here you can choose the find the client or the service you wish to add or remove to autopay.

Extending the validity of a subscription on auto renewal will also push the date of the auto renewal as per the extended validity of the subscription. If any changes are made to the price of the auto renewal service, the next subscription will be made at the revised prices and duration.

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