With classpack trials now allow your users to trial your services for free before making an informed purchase. User will see a trial feature available for your standard classpacks, if enabled from the classpack edit page. 

Attract first time users by allow new customers to avail trails, or choose to allow all customers to avail free trials on your classpacks. Each attendee can only avail trial once on a specific service.  

To sign up for the trial users, are taken through the standard booking flow and payment details are collected. Post the expiry of the trial, users will be auto-charged to a paid up classpack the details which will be communicated on the check out page of the trial classpack. All trial and ongoing auto renew classpacks can be viewed on the subscriptions page under frontdesk.

Clients can cancel the trial anytime before the expiry of the trial to cancel their free trial.

Please note:  - Classpack trials are valid on online bookings only.
                       - Supported payment gateway is Stripe Only.
                       - Valid on Autopay classpacks only.

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