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Google Calendar Sync for Appointments
Google Calendar Sync for Appointments

Learn how to sync your Omnify Appointments Calendar with your Google Calendar for seamless scheduling and stay organized effortlessly.

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What is Google Calendar Sync and how does it help me?

If you use Omnify for appointments, the two-way calendar sync is a great way to ensure that your available appointments on Omnify calendars never clash with your other commitments on your Google Calendar.

In this feature, you get 2-way sync. This means that the following things happen simultaneously.

  1. If you already have an event or appointments on your google calendar and it clashes with your "available" hours on your Omnify calendar, the slots which clash are automatically disabled so that you are not booked via Omnify for times you already have other things planned. These slots are made unavailable to be booked from both the customer-facing Service Store and the Omnify Appointment Calendar on the admin side.

  2. Once your customers book an appointment with you on the Omnify service store, it is automatically added to your Google calendar as an event with the email of the customer. This ensures that you don't plan other events for time slots you are already booked for.

How to enable this feature for my Omnify account?

  1. Click on the Settings menu option on the left bar, and then choose team members

  2. Since every appointment in Omnify is associated with a particular Team Access, you can sync every team member's Omnify appointment calendar with their own Google Calendar

  3. Click on "Manage" for any team member

  4. Click on "Connect Google Calendar", follow the onscreen instructions and go through with the flow.

  5. You will then be returned to the "Manage Team Member" page

  6. Here select the "Booking" calendar from the dropdown and click on the checkbox next to your preferred "Availability" Calendar and then click on save on the top right. Please see the "Note" below for more information

  7. And that's it! You have synced your Google Calendar with Omnify

Note regarding Point 6: In Google Calendar you can have multiple concurrent calendars for one email. In Omnify when you select the booking calendar, you will be selecting the calendar where the bookings will be added when a customer books an appointment with you, using your Omnify Service Store. On the other hand, the "Availability" calendar is the calendar that Omnify will check for conflicts for blocking out slots from the customer-facing service store.

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