Omnify has made an integration with Zapier which allows you to connect your Omnify account to most popular apps on the internet. 

What triggers and actions does Omnify- Zapier Integration supports?


Supported Triggers

  • New Client - Triggers when a new Client is added to your Omnify Account.

  • New Booking - Triggers when a new booking is made on Omnify

Supported Actions

  • Create Client- Adds new Client to your Omnify Account

Please note that the "Add Client" will not add a duplicate client if they already exist in Omnify.


How to connect Omnify on Zapier


  1. Create a Zapier account if you don’t already have one. If you're an existing user, please login to Zapier.


2. Click "Make a Zap"


3. To get started with Omnify, first click to connect a new Omnify account to use with your Zap.

4. Next, you will be asked for your Omnify API Key.

The following screen should appear:

5. To find your API Key, you'll first need to log into your Omnify account and head to your Zapier Integration section (Dashboard> Settings> Integrations).

The following screen should appear:

6. Click on Zapier which will open up a screen where a unique API key for you to use in Zapier in generated. 

The following screen should appear:

7. Click the ‘Copy Token’ button next to the API Key text field (bullet no. 2). This will copy the generated API Key to your clipboard.

Return to the previously opened Zapier window and paste it into the API Key field. 

Click the ‘Test button. Assuming the connection is successful, the Test Button will change to ‘Success’ and your new Omnify account will be connected.

8. Once you have connected Omnify, choose a Trigger

Let’s say, I have selected the New Booking Trigger. Click on Continue button

9. Now select your Omnify Account from the dropdown. If you have multiple accounts, choose the one which you want to connect to Zapier. Click on Continue

10. Once you have successfully tested the connection, click on Continue again. Your Omnify account is now connected.

11. Now, in the action trigger, choose a Trgigger app. Let's say- Mailchimp

12. Choose the trigger action and click on Save and Continue button

14. Connect your Mailchimp account and click on Continue

15. Set up all the triggers that are required and click on Continue

16. Send test data to Mailchimp and once it's successful, it is done.

17. Yay! Your Zap is now functional. 





















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