Step 1: Log Into your Wordpress Account and click on my sites
Step 2: Click on the plugins menu on the left-hand list of menus
Step 3: Click on the search bar on the top and type in Omnify.
Step 4: Once you find the Omnify Plugin click on Install
Step 5: Click on Settings

Step 6: Go to the Omnify Dashboard
Step 7:
Click on Settings>Integrations
Step 8:
Click on Wordpress and then copy the token

Step 9: Go back to Wordpress Settings Page and paste the token
Step 10: Click on "Submit Access Token"
Step 11: Select the correct business from the dropdown and click on "Select Business"

Step 12: Click on create iFrame Widget
Step 13:
Customize the widget however you want to and click on create "Short Code"
Step 14:
Copy the custom short code

Step 15: Go to any page on your wordpress website.
Step 16: Add HTML to your site
Step 17: Paste the Custom short code and you are good to go

Step 18: Save and Publish!

You can also view a video tutorial of this here:

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