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Client Login vs Guest Booking
Client Login vs Guest Booking

Do you want your clients to create an account while booking or do you want them to book in a single flow?

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Do you want your clients to create an account while booking or do you want them to book in a single flow? In this article, I will share the benefits of both the booking flows.

To start off, let me briefly explain the difference between the two booking flows.

Guest Booking

In this flow, your customers book your services without the need to create an account. They simply fill out a form and are redirected to the check-out page to complete the booking. The customer information entered is applied to one booking order only.

Client Login Booking

In the Client Login Booking flow, your customers will have to create an account to complete the booking process. On their first engagement with your service store, your customers will have to Sign Up for an account by entering a few elementary details and create a login email ID and password. Once logged in, their information is applicable for multiple booking orders.

To enable the preferred flow, go to settings>general>client login>switch on/off the toggle based on your requirement.

If you’re still mulling over which flow will best suit your business, read further.

Why should your business use the Guest Booking flow?

Guest Booking is most beneficial to those businesses who are least likely to have frequent orders from the same customers. Many customers don’t feel comfortable creating an account knowing that they are not going to return any time soon to make another booking.

Checking out as a guest without the necessity to create an account, is viewed a lesser commitment, and erases the potential perception that you’re after their data.

Also, requiring an account creation interrupts the booking flow to some extent. Once a customer decides to purchase, they want the checkout process to be as simple as possible, which should be the aim of the seller.

Why should your business use the Client Login flow?

Client login booking flow is favorable to businesses who are likely to have a higher frequency of revisits and reorders from their customers.

For subscription-based businesses that offer memberships and packages to their customers, it is essential to provide a means for the customers to access their accounts and keep tabs of their schedules and manage subscriptions.

With this booking flow, customers can store their card details which they can utilize during their next payments to speed up the checking out process.

For client login businesses, the accounts registered with the business enable the customers to view upcoming schedules, manage subscriptions, check transaction history, add family members to their profiles and edit credit card information.

Before enabling either flow, you should consider whether or not account creation could serve a purpose for your business. If it doesn’t, streamline your booking flow with simple form filling and a few clicks to drive sales by enabling Guest booking.

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