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How to integrate Omnify with Wix
How to integrate Omnify with Wix

Embed Omnify Service Store widgets on Wix website. Ensure convenience in booking for clients without redirecting to a separate platform.

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Steps to integrate Omnify with Wix?

You can embed Omnify service store widgets on your Wix website by following the steps given below:


  1. Go to service store and log in with your Omnify credentials

  2. On the left column of menus, press Service Store, and then click on Widgets.

  3. Then click “Create an iFrame Widget”.

  4. Press the generate button, and copy(Ctrl+C for Windows/Cmd + C for MacOS/click “Copy to clipboard”) all the code written in the box below.


  1. Then go to your Wix website editor

  2. On the left side of the page, there is a column of icons. Select the third one from the top of the page, which says “App Market” when you hover your cursor over it.

  3. A new window opens on the page, and there in the search bar simply type iFrame.

  4. Select the first result which is labeled as “HTML iFrame/Embed by Wix”.

  5. Arrange the greyed-out HTML frame wherever on the page is suitable for your website by dragging it.

  6. Once satisfied with the position, press the “Enter Web Address” button near the top of the frame, and select Code.


  1. Paste(Ctrl+V for windows/Cmd + V for macOS/right-click and then click “Paste”) the code.

  2. Save and publish the service store.

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