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How to Create One-Time Events
How to Create One-Time Events

Learn How to Effortlessly Host One-Time Events with Omnify. Cater to Diverse Client Needs and Enhance Your Business's Event Offerings.

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Create One-Time Events

The Events Service can help you create and manage one-time activities such as workshops, seminars, or even camps via Omnify.

First, login to your Omnify Dashboard and navigate to the Services page. On the Services page, click the “+ Create a Service” button to bring up the templates menu and select Events.

From our brand new Event Creation Template, you can now add all the info relevant to your Event;

Here’s a quick video walkthrough with text instructions further below.

  1. Event Title - What is your Event called?

  2. Description - A description of the event and any relevant information.

  3. Colour - Select a color to help you distinguish this event from others on your Events Calendar in Omnify.

  4. Upload Image - Add an image that will be representative of your Event. (Under 2MB, Ideally an Aspect ratio of 2:1 or a pixel size of 1390 * 686.)

  5. Add Address - Add the address for your Event. With our Google Maps Sync, you can select the exact address as shown on Maps.

  6. Add “Trainer” - Add in your Organizers, Guest Speakers, Event Leads etc.

  7. Create Ticket - Here, you can create Multiple Tickets at different price points for your Event. Once you create your first Ticket, you will have the option to create another. You can include the Ticket Name/Type, describe what is a part of the Ticket purchase, and set the price. You can also decide if you would like the Ticket availability displayed on your Service Store.

  8. Event Schedule - Here, you can define the date and time your Event starts and ends.

  9. Additional Settings - Here, you can define if your tickets are refundable or not.

  10. Cancellation Policy - If your tickets are refundable, you can further define the Cancellation Policy by selecting the cancellation window and refund policy.

  11. Filters - You can select specific filters for the event to allow for easy identification on your Service Store.

  12. Email Instructions - If your Event has prerequisites or instructions that need to be completed before the start date, you can use this option to add instructions to the confirmation email that is sent to your clients.

And you’re good to go! Your event can now be published publicly, privately, or saved as a draft for later.

Pro Tip: Remember, you can change the wordings for “Events” and “Trainers” from Settings > Service Store > Store Wordings to match your business.

If you have any questions, please contact us at!

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