With Events, you can create one-time Events, Camps and Workshops. If you call your Events by another name, you can change the Wordings

1. Go to Dashboard, click on Services

2. Click on Events and then click on Create Event button

3. Fill in the Details

  • Name
  • Start Date and End Date
  • Start Time and End Time
  • Description
  • Enter Tags if you want to use the filters option. Click here to see how you can create filters tag. Leave it blank if you want to skip this.
  • Location: Enter the physical location of the event and it will automatically link to Google Maps

4. Click on Create Event. In the next page,

  • Upload Event Photo
  • Create Tickets

Enter Ticket Name: Example: Early Bird, Entry Pass, Kids

Ticket Description (Optional)

Total Quantity

Add an amount

5. Click on Add Ticket

6. If you want to add more tickets, repeat the same

7. Once done, click on Save


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