Dashboard > Services > Classes > Create Class

You can use Classes to be set up daily or as recurring sessions.

  1. Go to Dashboard, click on Services

  2. Click on Classes and then click on Create Class button

  3. Fill in the details

  4. Class Name: Enter the name of the Class ( Example: Hatha Yoga Class | Mon, Wed | 9 AM)

  5. Description: Enter a Description for the Class

  6. Class Location: Enter the physical location of the class and it will automatically link it to Google Maps or if your Class is an online Class, enter the URL of the class. The attendee will receive the URL via Email. Alternatively you can also select the option of Online with Zoom.

  7. Enter Tags if you want to use the filters option. Leave it blank if you want to skip this.

  8. Trainers: If the Trainer is already added, select the Trainer from the dropdown. If not, then click on Add Trainer

  9. Time: Enter the Start Time and End Time for the Class

  10. Recurring Days: Customize the recurring class days. You can choose which days the Class recurs. (Example: Every MONDAY or every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, etc) Enter a Start Date and an End Date for a fixed term class. Leave the End Date Blank for an ongoing class

  11. Booking and Pricing
    There are two options for this-
    a) If this Class can be booked by Classpacks only
    Flip the toggle switch to No. This will mean that this Class can only be booked if the Customer purchases a Class Pack. It can't be sold individually
    b) If this Class can be booked without Classpacks (as well)
    Maintain the toggle switch as Yes. This will mean that this Class can be bought individually. Enter a price for each Class.
    Also, If you map this class to a class pack, customers will be able to book this class with the class pack as well.

  12. Maximum Attendees: Maximum number of Attendees that can attend the class

  13. Booking Opens: Choose the booking window duration for your customers.

  14.  Additional Settings:
    - Cancellation: Choose if you want to refund credits or not. Refund of credits is done automatically. However, you will have to refund the price amount via Stripe/ PayPal Dashboard or manually
    - Late Cancellation (Available only with Stripe): You can choose to have a less cancellation policy. Example: If someone cancels later than the specific cancellation period, you can choose to refund the credit and charge them a certain amount.
    - No show (Available only with Stripe): You can charge your customers for a no-show. This will be determined if a customer has checked in or not.

  15. Click on Save.

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