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Learn how to set up the "Pay Later" option on Omnify to offer flexible payment for clients to secure bookings without immediate payment.

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How to use the Pay Later feature?

Dashboard > Settings > Booking Flow > Pay Later

Pay Later which means Pay at the venue. A lot of businesses want to charge their customer at the venue, sometime after the service is done, so for that, the Pay Later feature is a big boost.

How does Pay Later work?

1. Enabling Pay Later

To enable Pay Later, you will have to enable this feature from the Dashboard. You can do that by going to Dashboard>Settings>Payment Gateway.

Pay Later is not enabled by default and once your clients book, they can choose between Paying Online (Pay Now) or Pay Later

2. Clients booking via the Pay Later option

Once the clients visit your service store (currently, Pay Later is not available on Mobile), they choose a service and on the Booking review page, they can choose Pay Later as the option.

As they book via the Pay Later option, their booking will be confirmed but payment will show as pending

3. The Dashboard flow

Once the Pay Later mode of payment is done, at the Front desk, you will see this icon [ ] This icon means a booking has been made but the payment is pending. Since the payment is pending, this transaction won’t show up on the Sales page until the booking is marked as paid.

4. What happens when a payment is made?

Once the payment is made (offline), you can mark the payment as paid. You can do so by clicking the booking, opening the invoice and then switching on the marked as a paid button.

You can also choose to send them an email with a payment link. This is how you can do it

Once you’ve marked it as paid, this transaction will show on the Sales page.


1. Classpack booking doesn’t support Pay Later

2. Pay Later function means Pay at the venue or on the premises

3. You can not only choose the Pay Later function. Pay Now (Pay Online) will also be an option by default.

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