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Explore alternative payment methods like Wire Transfers, Direct Debits with Omnify & revolutionize payments & provide clients with choices.

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How to use a custom payment gateway?

You can use the custom payment option if -

a) Omnify doesn't have a supported payment gateway in your country

b) If you want your customers to make a Wire transfer or pay by other means

How to use -

  • Navigate to the Dashboard and select "Settings".

  • Choose "Payment Gateway" from the options.

  • Under the Payment Gateway settings, opt for "Select Custom Payment".

  • Input and modify the account details as necessary, then proceed to click "Save".

  • Upon saving, the entered details will be stored, activating the custom payment gateway.

  • Whenever a Booking is made, via the web or Frontdesk, your customer will be able to reserve a slot. They will then receive an email with the instructions.

  • You will see the Booking item on the Frontdesk> Bookings page. It will show as pending.

  • As you receive the payment, you can mark it paid by clicking on the invoice and switching the Mark as paid option

  • Once you confirm the payment, the customer will receive the Invoice via email.

Please reach out to If you have any doubts.

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