You won't be able to edit the names of attendees in a booking. However, you can do the following-

You can Change the Attendee in a Class only if the Class is booked with Class Credits

You have to first cancel the existing Attendee and refund them the credit (It will be automatically refunded if the refund policies are met). If not you can add 1 credit manually to their profile (See how)

Once the old attendee is cancelled, you can add the new attendee to the class with the credit available.

Canceling a Customer:

1. Go to Dashboard. FrontDesk>Class Calendar

2. Click on the Class

3. A pop-up will open up. Select the attendee and click on cancel.

4. Once you confirm the cancel. You will know if the credit is refunded or not. It will say 'refunded' if automatically refunded. If not it will say 'refund'. Click on refund and a credit will be refunded back

Adding the new Attendee to the class:

1. Go to Frontdesk>Bookings

2. Select Payer. Select the class, add the dates, select the attendee

3. Select the class pack

4. Confirm the booking

5. Go to class calendar and the attendee will be updated

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