If a customer has already purchased a class-pack and you need to add them to classes with the credits from the class pack, you can do so by the following process-

1. From the Dashboard, go to Frontdesk> Bookings

2. Click on the New Booking button on the top right corner of the page

3. Select the Payer who has purchased the Class Pack

4. Select the Class you want to book the Attendee to. Then select the relevant dates.

5. Select the Attendee

6. Choose to pay by credits and then select the relevant Classpack from the drop-down. It will show the number of credits left. You can book 1 class from 1 class credit.

7. Once done, click on Confirm button.

8. You can now go to the Class Calendar (Dashboard> Frontdesk > Class Calendar) and view the attendee in the list

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