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Class Calendar

Learn about Omnify's class calendar feature to manage classes, attendees, etc from a single calendar view and keep clients updated.

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How to manage the Class calendar?

Dashboard > Calendar > Class Calendar

The Class Calendar is a very useful tool for your Trainers to view their Class Schedules and Attendees. You can use Class Calendar-

  • To View all Classes

  • To Sort Classes by Trainers

  • To Sort Classes by Classes with Attendees

Functionalities of the Class Calendar-

  1. When you click on a particular Class, you will be able to see all the Attendees of the Class

  2. You can check-in Attendees

  3. You can cancel a class for the attendee and refund credits (if needed)

  4. View Attendees who are on the Waitlist

  5. Reschedule or Cancel Classes and automatically send Email notifications to the Attendees.

  6. Draft and send emails to all attendees at once from within the calendar.

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