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With this feature, you can make a booking for your customer from the Front desk and send them a payment link.

How does Pay-with-link work?

  • Go to Dashboard

  • Click on Front desk and then on Bookings

  • Click on the Add Client Button on Top Right of the page

  • Select the Payer* (The Customer who will be paying for the service)

  • Select the Specific Service Type you want to book from the Tabs (example: Class, Class Pack, Facility)

  • Select the particular service you want to book and fill in all the details

  • Select the Attendee** (The Attendee is the person who will be attending)

  • Click on Add to Cart

  • Add Discounts or Any additional charges to the Cart from the Dropdown

  • Select Payment mode:

Online: By default, this option is chosen. If this option is chosen, then a payment link will be sent to the payer to confirm the booking.

  • Once you send the payment link, the booking information will be showing in Frontdesk Booking Table as pending

  • The Customer will receive an email asking them to make the payment to confirm the booking

  • As the payment is made by the customer, the Booking will be marked Confirmed. An invoice will be emailed to the customer automatically

Confirmation Email:

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