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Client Profile

Explore Comprehensive Client Profiles with Omnify & find all client details in one place for better client interaction & business growth.

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Functionalities of Client Profile

Dashboard > Clients > All Clients

You can find all the information related to a client from the client profile. You can access the profile for a client from the ‘All Clients’ section under the ‘Clients’ tab. You can find the following information about a client.

  1. Booking History - You can view all the bookings made by your client from the booking history tab.

  2. Schedules - You can view all the schedules for your client from the schedules tab

  3. Memberships - You can view all the membership bookings made by the customer from the membership tab

  4. Class Packs - You can view all the class pack bookings, find out active class packs and also add/deduct credits from a pack from the class packs tab

  5. Notes - You can view all the notes about a client from the notes tab. You can create a note by clicking on the ‘Add Note’ button in the top right corner.

  6. Dues - You can find the dues that the client has from the dues tab.

  7. Customer Info - You can view all the meta-information about the customer from the customer info tab.

  8. Family - You can add and view the family members of the client from the family tab.

  9. Checkin History - You can view the check-in history of the client from the check-in history tab.

  10. Manage Clients - You can manage the client profile with various options-

  • You can Disable/Enable the client if you don’t want them to make any bookings for some time

  • You can delete the profile of the client from the system

  • You can reset the password for your clients as an admin

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