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How to create fixed-term classes?
How to create fixed-term classes?
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Create fixed-term classes

Dashboard > Services > Classpacks

While creating a Classpack, you can select from the following options:

  1. Ongoing Classpack

  2. Fixed-term Classpack

Fixed Term Classpack - These classpacks have an end date. Example: Summer Classes for kids.

To create a fixed-term classpack :

  1. Select Classpacks on the Services page

  2. Click on Create Classpack button

  3. Enter the name of the classpack and select the Fixed Term Classpack option

  4. Choose the classes you want to add to the classpack

  5. Enter the start date and the end date for the classpack

  6. Select the pricing type - Fixed pricing or Dynamic pricing
    -Fixed Pricing: The business owner decides the fixed price for the classpack.
    -Dynamic Pricing: With Dynamic pricing, you can price the classpack flexibly. You have to enter a price per class as opposed to the price of the classpack.

  7. Enter the price

  8. Click on Create Classpack

  9. Confirm the details submit

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