You can add multiple team Members to your Omnify Account, assign every team member a role, and granularly define access levels for every role.

When you are adding a team member, you can assign three different roles to them:

  1. Admin

  2. Manager

  3. Trainer

You can set the Access level for different roles. Access levels basically define what parts of Omnify can your team member with particular role access and to what extent can they access it. So there are up to 4* potential access levels for every part of Omnify. These are the 4 levels:

  1. Full Access: Team members can access each and every part of that specific Omnify feature/page. They can view and edit all parts of the page.

  2. View Only Access: In this mode, the team member is given view-only access to a particular page/feature. They can view all parts of that element, but cannot edit any part of that page.

  3. No Access: The specific feature/page is completely walled of from the team members. They cannot view, or edit any part of it.

  4. User Specific Access**: Team members can only access parts of the page that are relevant to them. So for example, if this is applied on the "Services" part of Omnify, team members can only see their own services or services assigned to them. They can view and edit all parts of the page/feature which are strictly relevant to them.

*Please note that some parts of Omnify may only have 2 access levels: Full Access or No Access

**This restriction is only applicable in the case of trainers.

Here's how you can do it.

Set the role for your Team Members

  • Go to Dashboard. Click on Settings and then click on Team Members.

  • On the right, you'll see the three roles: Admin, Manager, Trainer

  • So for every single role, you can actually go and define the level of access for individual page/feature in Omnify

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